Ed Rondthaler on English spelling

"Although suffering from a late Autumn cold, the always gracious Ed Rondthaler spent a day with us and our film crew on a rainy, cold November afternoon. Framed by the muted surroundings of his Croton-on-Hudson Sears and Roebuck kit log house that he purchased from a Naval Commander in 1938, Ed talked about his years running Photo-Lettering Inc. and the surrounding developments with remarkable precision and clarity. A lifetime proponent of spelling reform, Ed was gracious enough to state a compelling case with a well worn flip chart. Ed would live on another two years before finally giving way to the Twenty-First Century at the ripe young age of 104. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Ed Rondthaler for his time and effort in helping us preserve the Photo-Lettering legacy, but we hope to perpetuate his passion for spelling reform by showing this short film."


"Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October, 2011, who to my knowledge shot these pictures at an altitude of around 350 km. All credit goes to them. I intend to upload a FullHD-version presently."

This is a beautiful & amazing video. The unanswered question that came to my mind was, “What is that glowing green stuff?”


Charity: Water

5th Anniversary September Campaign

In five years, you’ve helped us bring clean water to two million people in need. Now, we need to go faster. So this September, we’re investing in a drilling rig fleet that will drill an additional 80 wells a year, and serve 40,000 more people with clean water in Ethiopia. Join us.


As many of you know I spent two years of my life in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now in Sao Paulo they don’t have the exact same problem because the homes do indeed have running water, but it’s not always clean water. So clean water is something many of us take for granted at the same time it’s something we all depend on. Here in Texas we are currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in our history. In these situations they actually have plenty of clean water, rather they are lacking the funding and equipment necessary to get the water to the people.

The good thing is we can help! Donate Today



Holy amazing editing batman!

Be sure to check out Learn and Eat as well.

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Birthday Boy!

It’s difficult to believe that two years ago today I was introduced to the coolest kid alive. My man Connor turns TWO today! So in celebration I’m sharing a funny video I caught of him a week or so ago.

Connor randomly leaned over and started talking to Jackson, of course once I got my phone out to start recording he decided to stop. Lucky for me he was so hilarious that I couldn’t stop the recording. So it’s a fairly long video, some people might get bored, I’m just not one of them.

He Speaks English Too

Connor does actually occasionally speak a little english mingled with his far more entertaining Connor dialect.

  • Basketball (ball ball)
  • Delicious
  • Sit
  • Cookie
  • Uh Oh
  • Night Night
  • No
  • Shoes
  • Mom
  • Juice
  • This (dis)
  • Bowl
  • Ball
  • Bubble
  • Go
  • Thank You
  • Jackson
  • Hannah
  • Pongo
  • Open the Door
  • Bye Bye
  • Cheese!
  • Hello
  • Chicken
  • Daddy or DAAAAAA!
  • That (dat)
  • Truck

Poster Process

"During this year’s Flatstock at Austin’s SXSW a guy walked into our booth and asked if we would be interested in doing a poster for his band. It’s a pretty common question, but what came out of it was a pretty amazing opportunity for us. When I asked more, he explained that he manages The Black Keys. At that moment I was doing my best to stay as professional possible, but on the inside I felt like a little kid. We’re HUGE fans of The Black Keys to say the least and were thrilled with the prospect of creating a poster for them."

SOURCE: DKNG: The Black Keys Poster

The time-lapsed video shows their steps from sketching to details to the actual silkscreening all set to “Black Bug” a mashup of The Black Keys and Big Boi.



The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App Trailer

The title to this video/post could also be, "One More Reason Why I Want an iPad!"

"E-books are already a fraught subject for many readers, writers, publishers and designers, but children’s e-books are even more so. Is it rotting their minds? Is it as good as good ol’ paper? Is it too interactive for their own good? Obviously there are no practical answers to such questions, but at least one children’s e-book/app/thingie (what do we call these things, again?) is doing it very, very right. It’s called "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore," and it’s like a well-written bedtime story and an immersive animated movie at once — without being "too much" of either."


It’s basically a modern day digital take on the age old pop-up book from my childhood. Pop-up books were always my favorite books growing up. They were interactive, exciting, and fun. Each page brought a brand new bundle of surprises. So this “thingy” is just taking that to an entirely different level of amazing.

So Dear, Santa, Easter Bunny, Birthday Gift Giver, Heather, Mom, Friend, Partner, Buckaroo,

Buy me an iPad.
The End.


Just Connor

Just wanted to capture some random Connor footage. He never seems to continue doing the funny things he does once I start recording. Even when he doesn’t know I’m recording like in this situation.

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Trip to the Doctor

Just wanted to capture a little footage of our visit to the doctor because Hannah is apparently allergic to the medication she was taking for strep, ear infection, and pink eye.

Just before I started recording Connor was babbling, yapping, and being quite silly. Of course he mostly stopped by the time I started filming… As always.


A Book Apart

Mail Chimp is continuously impressing me. So it isn’t surprising that I’m really enjoying these customer stories. They are very well crafted, they could pepper in a little music, but that’s me being picky. This one is about “A Book Apart”, which I have all 3 of their books and have been very impressed with them all. I plan on continuing to purchase all of the books that they release. Anyone in the business of making websites would be smart to do the same.

If you prefer you can watch the video in it’s natural habitat.