Innovation or Propaganda?

I’m not buying what they are trying to sell me on this. There is no way that this low top shoe is as supportive to an ankle as a high top shoe is. Plus I love how they bring up soccer players who wear low top shoes. Then they add that soccer players do more lateral movements than you do in basketball. However, every time I watch a soccer game their are countless players rolling on the field in agony grabbing their ankles followed up with them being escorted off the field. The other issue si the majority of times that I have injured my ankle isn’t from a lateral movement but is rather from jumping. You aren’t required to jump nearly as much in soccer or football as you do in basketball. Also they obviously require different movements and muscles because I play basketball pretty frequently, and whenever I mix in soccer or football into my diet I am left soar in muscles I didn’t even know I was supposed to feel or have.

All I know is this, I used to wear lower cut basketball shoes and I continuously injured my ankle over a 2-3 year period. I then switched to only wearing high top shoes, and haven’t had as sever of an injury since (accept now I just jinxed myself and will most likely injure my ankle the next time Iw alk onto the court).

If you want to by into this video, and are willing to dish out the $114.99 - $130.00 for these shoes go right on. But I’ll stick to my high tops.