Birthday Boy!

It’s difficult to believe that two years ago today I was introduced to the coolest kid alive. My man Connor turns TWO today! So in celebration I’m sharing a funny video I caught of him a week or so ago.

Connor randomly leaned over and started talking to Jackson, of course once I got my phone out to start recording he decided to stop. Lucky for me he was so hilarious that I couldn’t stop the recording. So it’s a fairly long video, some people might get bored, I’m just not one of them.

He Speaks English Too

Connor does actually occasionally speak a little english mingled with his far more entertaining Connor dialect.

  • Basketball (ball ball)
  • Delicious
  • Sit
  • Cookie
  • Uh Oh
  • Night Night
  • No
  • Shoes
  • Mom
  • Juice
  • This (dis)
  • Bowl
  • Ball
  • Bubble
  • Go
  • Thank You
  • Jackson
  • Hannah
  • Pongo
  • Open the Door
  • Bye Bye
  • Cheese!
  • Hello
  • Chicken
  • Daddy or DAAAAAA!
  • That (dat)
  • Truck

All the Single Ladies

Connor dancing to “All the Single Ladies” in the car. Pretty hilarious, how much he likes this song.


Connor Talk

Connor had a lot to say tonight, not exactly sure what he had to say, but this went on for about 10 minutes before we even pulled out the camera and started recording. It continued on even longer after we stopped recording. It was hilarious!


Do You Have The Moves?

Here’s the video of my favorite song from the New Pornographers “Together” album. One of the funniest music videos I’ve ever seen.

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This could be my future, just minus one. We are getting really close to having to make the transfer from a man to man defense into a zone.

This could be my future, just minus one. We are getting really close to having to make the transfer from a man to man defense into a zone.


How do babies get into Mommy’s tummy?

On Sunday while Heather was taking a nap Hannah (5 years old) and I were standing in the kitchen. I was warming up some pizza for lunch and Hannah did something, but I can’t remember what. It was something that my response was, “I used to do that when I was little like you.”

Then she said, “Was that back when I was in Mommy’s tummy before you were here?” To which I chuckled and said, “Nope, when you were in Mommy’s tummy I was definitely here.”

Then she inquisitively asked, “Was Connor in Mommy’s tummy when I was in there?” I said, “Nope, you were the only one in there.” 

Then she asked, “Was Jackson in Mommy’s tummy when Connor was in there?” Once again my response was, “Nope.”

Then she followed up with the best question of the day, “How do babies get into mommy’s tummy?” To which my quick response was, “Well, Mommiess and Daddies have to get together and do some stuff.”

Unfortunately that wasn’t a good enough answer because she followed that up with, “What kind of stuff?”

So then I thought for a second and I responded, “Well mommies have an egg inside their tummy and a daddy has to come and add his stuff which swims up and goes inside the egg and together a baby grows.”

Then she nervously asked, “Do I have to have a baby in my tummy when I get big?” To which I responded with a question, “Do you want to have a baby in your tummy.”

She responded with a very scared look on her face, “Nooooo….” Then she got happier and added,  “But I still love Connor and Jackson! I just don’t want a baby in my tummy.”


More Proof That All Women Are Crazy

Can’t tell you how many times in the past 8.5 years that Heather and I have had these EXACT same conversations. It’s actually kind of scary, I’m really starting to wonder if Jim Breuer is also married to my wife. Or is this just more proof that ALL women are C-R-A-Z-Y!


“Instead of breaking the mold, we went out and found those pieces and put it back together to make our mold.” 2011 Mediocrity


Fast Don’t Lie

This is a hilarious music video/commercial with Dwight Howard and Slim Chin (aka Sr. Chang).



Jason Schwartzman Introduces The New Yorker iPad App

Jason Swartzman is insanely talented and hilarious. So who better to introduce an App?

Sure you are right, Bill Murray would of also been a great person, or yeah I guess Zach Galifianakis would of made me chuckle as well. Ok leave me alone, already I get your point maybe there are a couple other people who are perfectly capable of introducing an App in a clever way.


If the video above is not working please view the video here.