People Are Talking…

"Shane Guymon uses two prominent call to action buttons on his homepage. These buttons work really well, as they both stand out from, and fit in with the overall design. The red and blue buttons fit with the main colors of his logo/slogan, yet really stand out against the plain white background of the main content area. There is a clear visual hierarchy at work, as the red button is given more visual precedence. This is achieved through it’s slightly larger size, more apparent gloss style, and preferential positioning (as we read left to right we encounter this button first)."

SOURCE: “The Secrets Behind Great Call To Action Buttons

My Thoughts

I’ve had my website, and websites I’ve designed for clients get featured in a few web galleries around the interwebs before. But to the best of my knowledge this is the first time I’ve found anyone talking about something I designed in a blog post. Surprisingly it is all positive things that are being said. I’m beyond flattered.

Thanks for the tip Adam Haynes