Bedtime Routine

Hannah’s always been super into routines. It seems that now Connor has picked up on this and has become a big fan. Ever since we moved to Utah hannah and Connor have been sharing a room. I used to do two different bedtime routines and Connor’s was much shorter. All I had to do was sing him 1-2 songs and most of the time he didn’t even like me to do that. Eventually he became a pretty big fan of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and would ONLY want me to sing that song to him. Once we got to Utah his new favorite song was and still is “Popcorn Popping” and that used to be the only thing I had to do. Hannah went through  long phase where I had to make up these ghost stories, but they had to include at least three of these people.

1. Ghost
2. Vampire
3. Blanket Monster
4. Tickle Monster 

I could usually switch out the ghost or the vampire but the story pretty much always had to end the same way. Hannah would establish rules of what I was supposed to say and do. This routine continued even since moving to Utah.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago we bought Connor a pretty thick coloring book of Cars, trucks, planes, trains, and several other machines. Connor does’t really care about actually coloring the book. Instead he sleeps with it. So every night I lift him into his bed and he immediately grabs the big coloring book and says, “READ IT!.” The first time he did it I tried to convince him that there were no words to actually read. I eventually figured out that what he wanted me to do was flip through every page so he could tell me what machine was on each page. I figure we are trying to get him to talk more and learn more words, so this is actually a great activity for him. There are four other books that he sleeps with. Potty (a potty training book), Lucas the Lion, Shake It Up Baby, and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way. It started off by him making me read those three books. Actually this all started by me letting Hannah pick out one book each night for me to read to both of them. During the school year I would try to get Hannah to read to both Connor and I so she could practice. It was part of her home work every week. Most of the time after I would read a book Connor would want me to give him the book so he could continue to flip through the book even after I left. So eventually he started gathering a collection of books in his crib. After awhile it was no longer Hannah picking books out to read, instead it was Connor demanding one of the books in his bed get read. After while he began finding favorite books. He also began liking books a lot more. So then we started buying him his own books. All the books I named are books we’ve since bought specifically for Connor or Jack.

After I flip through the coloring book he keeps the book nd continues to flip through it but hands me a new book (one of the four) to read until I work my way through all four books. After that he wants me to sing “Popcorn Popping” then I usually ask Hannah what song she would like me to sing to her. Sometimes Hannah will also pick out a book for me to read to her. So sometimes I end up reading about five books in one bed time routine. Sometimes I also end up singing 3-4 different songs to both Connor and Hannah.

I am wondering what the bedtime routine will be as Jack gets older and more interested. Soon we will most likely need to move JAck and Connor into the same room, because Jack already gets super jealous if Connor and Hannah are doing anything that he’s not.



A month ago we went down to one car. This means Heather drives me to work each morning with Connor (3yo), and Jack (9mo). Yesterday when we were almost at the end of our 12-15 minute journey Connor beginns frantically yelling, “DINK! DINK! DINK!”

At that point I realize that we just drove past the gas station that I normally stop to purchase a daily dosage of Big Red. Usually when I’m saying goodbye to Connor through a rolled down backseat window he will ask me for a few sips from my huge fountain drink before I head into the office in attempts to take over the dental marketing world one website at a time.

It’s hilarious what this kid picks up on, and how our children pick up on a daily routine in their lives.


The Boon!

I hate daylight savings time. There doesn’t really seem to be a reason to have it anymore. With little kids it becomes much more annoying than anything else. Babies and toddlers don’t really understand that they get to sleep longer. Kids wake up when they wake up. So that means I end up waking up an hour earlier for a good two weeks until my kids finally adjust. So anyways…

We are now down to one car, so Heather drives me to work every morning and ends up coming to pick me up from work in the evening. Thanks to daylight savings time it’s already dark or starting to get dark as we are driving home. So now our entire ride home Connor is gazing out the window and will yell out, "Daaa!" and continues repeating it until I respond, "What Connor?" Then he will point and say, "BOON!" or "DAR!" Then I will say, "Yeah, I see it, it’s the MOOOOON! or "Yeah, thats right it’s a STAAAR! Just for him to be silent for a few seconds and then blurt out, “Daaaa!" all over again.


It’s Sing Song Time

While in Buna visiting family Grand Dad decided to pull out his guitar a play a few tunes for the kids to dance to. It took me a while to say, “Hey, you should be recording this.” So I only caught the tail end of the real excitement. Connor was really wishing he could have a turn at playing the guitar.


Birthday Boy!

It’s difficult to believe that two years ago today I was introduced to the coolest kid alive. My man Connor turns TWO today! So in celebration I’m sharing a funny video I caught of him a week or so ago.

Connor randomly leaned over and started talking to Jackson, of course once I got my phone out to start recording he decided to stop. Lucky for me he was so hilarious that I couldn’t stop the recording. So it’s a fairly long video, some people might get bored, I’m just not one of them.

He Speaks English Too

Connor does actually occasionally speak a little english mingled with his far more entertaining Connor dialect.

  • Basketball (ball ball)
  • Delicious
  • Sit
  • Cookie
  • Uh Oh
  • Night Night
  • No
  • Shoes
  • Mom
  • Juice
  • This (dis)
  • Bowl
  • Ball
  • Bubble
  • Go
  • Thank You
  • Jackson
  • Hannah
  • Pongo
  • Open the Door
  • Bye Bye
  • Cheese!
  • Hello
  • Chicken
  • Daddy or DAAAAAA!
  • That (dat)
  • Truck

Just Connor

Just wanted to capture some random Connor footage. He never seems to continue doing the funny things he does once I start recording. Even when he doesn’t know I’m recording like in this situation.

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Trip to the Doctor

Just wanted to capture a little footage of our visit to the doctor because Hannah is apparently allergic to the medication she was taking for strep, ear infection, and pink eye.

Just before I started recording Connor was babbling, yapping, and being quite silly. Of course he mostly stopped by the time I started filming… As always.


New Trampoline

Heather found this trampoline on Craigslist we picked it up yesterday and I put it together today when I got home from work. For such a little trampline it was a BEAST to put together. Seeing how much my kids enjoy it makes all the sweat worth it.


All the Single Ladies

Connor dancing to “All the Single Ladies” in the car. Pretty hilarious, how much he likes this song.



Connor jumping and running around on a trampoline.

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