This could be my future, just minus one. We are getting really close to having to make the transfer from a man to man defense into a zone.

This could be my future, just minus one. We are getting really close to having to make the transfer from a man to man defense into a zone.


Innovation or Propaganda?

I’m not buying what they are trying to sell me on this. There is no way that this low top shoe is as supportive to an ankle as a high top shoe is. Plus I love how they bring up soccer players who wear low top shoes. Then they add that soccer players do more lateral movements than you do in basketball. However, every time I watch a soccer game their are countless players rolling on the field in agony grabbing their ankles followed up with them being escorted off the field. The other issue si the majority of times that I have injured my ankle isn’t from a lateral movement but is rather from jumping. You aren’t required to jump nearly as much in soccer or football as you do in basketball. Also they obviously require different movements and muscles because I play basketball pretty frequently, and whenever I mix in soccer or football into my diet I am left soar in muscles I didn’t even know I was supposed to feel or have.

All I know is this, I used to wear lower cut basketball shoes and I continuously injured my ankle over a 2-3 year period. I then switched to only wearing high top shoes, and haven’t had as sever of an injury since (accept now I just jinxed myself and will most likely injure my ankle the next time Iw alk onto the court).

If you want to by into this video, and are willing to dish out the $114.99 - $130.00 for these shoes go right on. But I’ll stick to my high tops.


Fast Don’t Lie

This is a hilarious music video/commercial with Dwight Howard and Slim Chin (aka Sr. Chang).



Guilt Trip Advertising

The WNBA has began a new advertising campaign that is being shown during the NBA Play-offs. What they do is they take one of their “Stars” from the league and have them say common stereotypes about the WNBA as if they were those same people saying those terrible things about girls basketball. At the end a voice over says, "They wouldn’t say that… Would you?"

So essentially they are trying to guilt trip all the NBA fans into also watching a WNBA game. I’m not sure that is the right approach. I think if you want to PROVE the stereotypes wrong, their is a better way to go about it, that wouldn’t come off as being a “guilt trip.”

This is all hypothetical because most of the stereotypes are true. This isn’t to say that the WNBA isn’t competitive, and or entertaining. It’s just that it is basically like going to a guys Varsity High School game. I mean I try watching a WNBA game and I see girls getting rebounds without even jumping? I don’t need to see people dunk to be entertained, so it isn’t about NOT being able to dunk (yes I know there are girls that can dunk, whoopidy doo dah!) I don’t need to see behind the back passes. I’m perfectly happy watching a 7 footer knock down threes, or a guy like Tim Duncan, who is the definition of fundamental, knock down a 15 footer off the backboard. In the NBA you got clutch guys like Kobe Bryant who can manage to knock down BIG shots in the 4th quarter regardless of who is guarding him or how many guys are guarding him. The NBA is truly, “Where Amazing Happens.”

There is no denying that their is a HUGE difference between the NBA (Which is full of a bunch of 6’6 - 7’0 tall athletic FREAKS) and the WNBA (which is full of a bunch of 5’0 - 6’5 tomboys), and it isn’t just about dunks and behind the back passes. I’m not trying to say that girls can’t play basketball, because they can. Just not at the same level or ability that a male can. Their bodies just aren’t made for it. A guy can’t have a baby, does that make him less of a human being? Their are other things besides child baring that women are good at. All I am really trying to say is you can’t compare girls to guys in any way. Not in sports, not in any way….

I don’t want to take this into a Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus discussion, but it’s true.

The real point is, guilt tripping people into doing something is NEVER the way to go about getting things done. If they want fans, then they have to earn fans. The NBA didn’t start out as globally or nationally successful as it is now. So go back and research how the NBA gained a fan base, and how they went about getting people into stadiums to watch the athletes play. I can bet you that they didn’t try “guilt tripping” anyone into it.